With the Sky in our Hands – the tangos (CD)


New album with rare combination of harp and bandoneon distinguishes Julie & Andreas as music innovators pioneering an authentic tango voice for the harp.

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The album

The harp - no tango tourist. The album’s definitive statement. The harp is no longer just an instrument to be dropped upon tango like a rare visitor from classical music. Julie & Andreas innovations have broken classical music conventions to discover an expression for the harp that is truly able to soar and lament with a distinctive tango authenticity.

The album has four original pieces and five tango classics in groundbreaking, yet reverential arrangements. A fine example “Alma Herida”, sees Julie using new tango harp techniques to invoke the immense emotional potential of overtones in the deep register of the harp, leading us into the duo’s soul- wrenching arrangement of J.C. Cobián’s “Los Mareados”.